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Our company search for tailor-made solutions to insure workers and companies. We take particular care for professionals subjected to sports and maritime risks. In our insurance broker agency in Genova we insure you from the dangers of transport, medicine, architecture and entertainment world.
Our professionals have designed tailor-made solutions for all those who practice sports. To protect the athletes we have created several programs, reliable and functional. In particular, they concern insurance policies for the end of the career for accident and illness, accident insurance policies, collective insurance coverage and much more.
Our insurance brokers have designed insurance solutions for professionals, both individual and associated, which provide for the coverage of the professional civil liability of players' agents, RC Match Agent to protect agents of FIFA and UEFA matches, and many other services.
Our insurance brokers also provide insurance solutions for companies in the manufacturing, industrial, commercial and service sectors. Our agency protects from the material and property damage of your company and from possible responsibilities towards third parties.
We also operate in the field of road transport offering a wide range of specific products for this sector. In addition, there are many insurance solutions designed for individual companies, cooperatives, rental companies, leasing companies and freelancers. The last ones are many and they suit to every need.
Our company was born in Genova a city that boasts an ancient seafaring tradition thanks to which we have been able to know in depth the maritime insurances and sailing market. In this last area we collaborate with highly specialized professional partners.
Our brokers offer everyone, both individuals and families, the necessary support to protect themselves from every possible accident in everyday life. The solutions created are the result of a perfect combination of technical, organizational and management skills. The insurance policies designed by our brokers ensure, at all times, your serenity and that of your family.